Dr. R. C. Gupta

It is true that Great Educational Institution is Built by a team of Devoted, Committed and Loyal Teachers, Staff and Students. It is Rightly said that Great Teachers are not Given their Places. They Take their due Places in the Hearts of the Students by Themselves. The same is the case with the Highly Qualified and Experienced Teachers of UJJAIN POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE. They are rare Combination of learning and Gentleness.

         They are always with the students and will continue to guide throughout life. They are committed for all-round development of the personality of the individual student. I am lucky enough to serve such a great institution under the able leadership and guidance of Minister, Principal ,Secretary and Director of Technical Education Govt. of Madhya Pradesh.

                 My message is that our country is very rich in natural resources. But still our people are poor. Most of young persons do not have proper training, technical knowledge to exploit these resources.

Only technical education can give expert engineers, technicians and mechanics. For rapid development of our country, more and more young persons must be given technical education. It is the need of the hour. Nobody can ignore it.

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